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needing 1ggte parts asap

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  • needing 1ggte parts asap

    hi i am in desperate need of some parts and possible info on a 1ggte motor, it is a gen3 as it has grey connections, its a 5 manual runnin a 1ggte auto ecu, the problem i am having is that i got no spark to any leads not even from coil/igniter lead, i have power to the plug on the coil/igniter, and i dont have any injection pulse either, i now the fuel pump is dead and am in the process of changing it, and am thinking thats why i got no pulse (fuel pressure needed for pulse) as i have tested with a noid light and it pulses once then nothing, im getting code 12, 14, 21 ,44 faults on cel so im thinking that i need a coil/igniter, airflow meter and a distributor and a manual ecu wouldnt hert either if any 1 can help with any parts and info on what to try please any info would help im getting a scan tool to check as well, but the codes also revert back to an imobilzer as well, its an import to australia from japan, and i also have the wiring diagram as well and the us models only come with imbolizers,im a mechanic by trade and with no spark or pulse usualy means imobilier, but the dissy also controls the cam and crank positioning which also controls spark and pulse as well, sory for the long write up but if i give the info the first time im more then likely goin to get this this sorted sooner then later, sorry i have also tested the ecu with test light and the wires for , ignition, batt, +b, +b on plug c all have power and the plug b acc wire hasnt so unsure on that as well coming back to imobilizer or something. my contact details are 0404903679 or 0412127763 if u have parts please call asap cheers

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    I can Help with this. PM Sent.
    - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
    - All Circuits
    - Every Connector
    - Completely in English.


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      What ended up being the issue and fix for this ?? =0
      ^ z20 Soarer international ?? Yer its nice to be here ^