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  • Asthetic removal

    Hey guys, still stripping down my z20, but i have come to a wee snag in the strip,
    my question is, how the hell do you take the front bumper off!!!!
    i am a wee bit confused, got the LED torch in where i can see but it baffles me as to what else is holding the bumper on! its mainly around the wheel arches
    any help would be much appreciated
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    Okay Front Bumper has a lot of bolts in it which is why its so damn tight. You need to remove the headlights first. then theres the bolts in the front support beams that bolt it to the crash/intrusion bar (4 off memory), then theres the inside support bolts in the quarter panel (two under where the headlight joins and theres two at the back near the wheel arch as well on each side). you'll need to remove the inner guard to get to them. Off memory theres about 18 bolts in total..

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      aha damn it took ages for this thread to get cleared! i knuckled down and figured it out ages ago :P
      thanks for the help anyway!
      My One off, High expectation, z20 doridriftmobile.. Yeahhhhh buddy!!!


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        try posting in tech area or something, these are for epc part numbers n shit...
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        Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
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        quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

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