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Relay and Junction Box Locations

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  • Relay and Junction Box Locations

    This pic is for *A70, but most of it is relevant. I've taken it from a US manual and flipped it to suit RHD cars.

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    fucking legend!


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      thank you for upload, but by the way do you konw where is the fuse for the heater please. My GZ20 heater decided to die and i cant find the fuse location anywhere. Regards


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        In z20 Soarers locations for Junction and Fuseboxes are :

        - In Engine bay near Battery,

        - Drivers kick panel, there is a cover that requires to be removed, this cover has Japanese and English descriptions on it

        - Behind Passengers kick panel, the actual kick panel has to be removed, remove it carefully, from memory it contains 3 fuses or so one of them being for the A/C Compressor clutch magnet.

        lexxy I take it you are looking for the fuse for your Climate control unit, it should be on the fusebox behind drivers kick panel, from memory it is the one labeled (CIG), it shares the one with the cigarette lighter.
        - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
        - All Circuits
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        - Completely in English.