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Built 1ggte with j160 and osgiken twin plate.

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  • Built 1ggte with j160 and osgiken twin plate.

    Hey guys just thinking about selling my engine and gearbox package, im not willing to separate, i dont want to be stuck with stuff i dont need. I dont really mind if no one wants it ill just keep it and slide it haha . Was either going to sell the car or put a 2j or a 2630 in it

    So the engine... it has....ill start from the top..

    Black adjustable cam gears.

    Custom jget cams with secret profiles massive 11.2mm lift and 287deg intake and 302 exhaust.

    Performance vavle springs, shimmed to match the cams.

    Head has been refurbished.

    Hks 3 layer metal headgasket.

    Arp head studs.

    Custom forward facing plenum with q45 throttle body.

    Greddy stainless exhaust manifold, set up for greddy external wastegate, and t3 flanged turbo. Heat wrapped.

    Doesnt come with the fuel system. Unless convinced otherwise. Its all done in speedflow and the undercarrige is a -10 alloy racing fuel line.
    Carter lift pump to swirl pot with ross racing filter in between. Twin 044s -8 into 1 -10 set up in the boot, all bulkhead for legal reasons All short lines are speedflow blue hose. Fram racing filter in the engine bay, to custom fuel rail and 840cc bosch injectors. Cost me a whole lot.

    Cp forged pistons, skirts are teflon coated, with cp piston rings to suit.

    Argo rods forged of coarse with arp 2000 rod bolts.

    Gen 3 crank ground 10thou for more awesome.

    Arp main studs from a 2j.

    Ndc rod bearings 10thou and acl race main bearings 10thou.

    Modified oil galleries for extra flow, thanks 6boost.

    Modified oil pump for extra pressure. ^^

    OS Giken Twin plate, best clutch ever comes with the lightened flywheel mated to the clutch of coarse. Arp clutch bolts into the crank. special bolts for the clutch face.

    Near new toyota j160 gearbox 6speed. From a toyota altezza had 500kms on it when i bought it. Has done 10thou kms but i am very nice to it, doesnt crunch or make unessasary noise, shifts beautifully.

    That is all i think.... Over 8k not including build cost and bits and pieces.

    I want 4k for it, its quite fresh, runs smooth and its as close to bullet proof as a 1g gets with out dry sumping it.

    Its making nearly 400 rwhp on 15psi. garrett gt3082r. Its a very crispy responsive motor.

    Probably better off selling the whole car lol. Ill keep it up for a few weeks, if it doesnt sell ill just keep it, all good <3 to all.
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    Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?

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    mmmm no one like, thats ok. I think im gonna send it back to the engineer and make it crazy
    Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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      I like the idea of you keeping this kit =D =0 Big cams ^^
      ^ z20 Soarer international ?? Yer its nice to be here ^


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        Id buy it if I had the cash
        (Id buy everyones stuff FS if I could)
        Definately a mint setup, and I have a n/a gz20 practically begging for it

        Swaps for ca sil80 ??? (This should be my sig)
        Originally posted by coFF33
        Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
        Originally posted by GEEZ20
        quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

        Originally posted by Sports sedan


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          ill have a think about that swaps for sil80, sounds pretty good, but im still kinda leaning toward keeping it for slides...
          Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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            um a rb 26/30 in a z20?


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              I like being different, but its looking like I'll stick with the ol 1g
              Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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                fair call , tuff 1g donk !


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                  If you do want to seperate the gearbox, clutch, bell housing etc. Let me know.


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                    Have a guy very interested in the package, but I'm having second thoughts about going jz, its unfamiliar territory. Not sure what to do.
                    Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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                      Sell me the box, clutch, fly and bell would be a good start.


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                        same shit bro just doesnt sound as cool but your tyre bill will go up. would be amazing in an old corona or somthing.


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                          Its going into a ta23 hill climb car
                          Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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                            Hey is the 1g package still for sale?


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                              Sure is, but do I sell the whole car or just the engine package. I guess its what ever goes first
                              Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?