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FORUM TRADING RULES - Important! Please Read!

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  • FORUM TRADING RULES - Important! Please Read!

    Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Classifieds Section of the Z20Soarer.Org Forums.

    Until now, we have relied on pretty much commonsense ideals and the Aussie way of doing business as our guidelines to business ethics in the way we trade and do business here.

    However due to recent developments and increases in the size of the Club userbase, we have come to the point where Rules need to be laid out and strict enforcement applied to those who do not abide by them.

    The rules are pretty much commonsense and will be modified from time to time so please do check back occasionally just to make sure you are up to date. Your account depends on you doing the right thing.

    If you have any suggestions or comments to add to the rules, please post them below for review.

    RULE #1 - 'I'LL BUY IT'
    Perhaps the most important rule of all, if you say to someone you will buy an item, or alternatively you are a seller and someone has told you they will buy your item, you MUST complete the transaction. Under the laws of Western Australia (The State in which the Club is based), along with many other jurisdictions globally, if you agree to a sale, you are legally bound by it. eBay has enforced this rule for as long as its been trading. Unless the two parties are in agreeance to break a contract, you are bound by the contract of sale. That said if there is genuine reason why a sale cannot be completed (i.e. hospitalisation of one party, incarceration) then commonsense should be exercised. Dole cheques not coming through is NOT a valid reason.

    As an addendum to Rule #1, there should always be an acceptable timeframe made on any sale by the selling/buying parties that is agreed on. For example if a buyer says I will come around tomorrow night to collect something, the Seller must hold the item until the agreed time. If the buyer does not show, then the contract of sale is considered void at that point from the sellers perspective and they are free to resell their item to any other prospective buyer. The length of the acceptable timeframe to complete a transaction is entirely up to the buyer/seller, but it must be a mutual agreement. This also applies to deposits on items. There will now be, unless both parties agree to it, a 1 MONTH MAXIMUM timeframe allowed between a deposit being placed, to the balance being paid in full. Any transactions where the balance in full is not paid within a month of the deposit, will forfeit their deposit unless both parties agree to longer terms.

    Moreso for Vehicle sales rather than individual parts, if you are a seller, you are obliged to fully disclose any issues or problems with any item that you are selling. There is nothing I personally hate more than finding major issues that the previous owner was well aware of. We promote honesty and integrity here and if you sell a car with a BHG and don't advise the buyer that it has one, you will be hung, drawn and quartered. Remember that failing to reveal this information constititues false advertising and under the Western Australian Fair Trading Act, consumers are entitled to a full refund where products are 'not as described'. So make sure you get it right first time!

    Not one thing is to be sent from any sale transaction on without some form of tracking ID or courier note to track its whereabouts. Granted, sometimes I send stickers out in normal postal envelopes.. But realistically they cost fuck all to replace so if someone doesnt receive it, i just send another. If it was a hoodie though, I wouldn't send it any other way but registered. This is just a safeguard for anyone buying on our forums to have peace of mind that their item really is coming to them. $2.85 for local registered post is nothing for that peace of mind.

    Now I love a good bargain just as much as the next person and dont mind haggling prices from time to time, but theres a line. And once you cross that line you become annoying and people are less likely to want to deal with you. A few dollars here and then is acceptable. Being a twat and lowballing persistently is just, well.. being a twat to be honest. If a Seller says he/she is happy to negotiate on price, then be sensible about it. Offering $100 for a $1000 Turbo is likely to offend. Therefore if a Seller says no, it means no. Do not persist. No does not mean 'Oh come on bro, do us a deal bro, I'll look after you bro'. I for one, am not your Bro. Secondly, Centrelink line attaway!

    Oh yeah, Well, I'm thinking about selling a gearknob, but I dunno what price I should sell it for hey? Hmm Maybe i should just auction it off to the highest bidder? Yeah! I'll do that.. Oh I'm so clever.. I think I might turn this into a business one day.. I'll call it eBay! This rule is completely self-explanatory. I do not need to elaborate any further

    ### TBC ###