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WRECKING whats left of my z20 donor car

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  • WRECKING whats left of my z20 donor car

    Hey guys just before I get rid of the shell of my donor car just seeing if there is any parts I may have that anyone wants ?

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    whats on it?
    power window switches? fuel sender?
    My One off, High expectation, z20 doridriftmobile.. Yeahhhhh buddy!!!


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      Main window switch or passengers ? Yeah the fuel sender Is still in the tank mate


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        I need the covers that go over the bolts for the seats. Must be dark brown or black.

        I need a window Washer with nipple unbroken, don't try to remove the hose, just chop it about 10cm down the line or you will break the nipple. Colour needs to be white.

        I need Rear brown seats striped that have no sun fade on the headrests and also no other marks on them.

        I need Climate control unit Series 2 (non mz21) with no (or little) lifting on the buttons and LCD working aswell

        I need Passengers kick panel dark brown (one above feet not to side) with no marks.... or no big huge marks.

        2 x Factory Air Purifier Vents with no cracks in dark brown or black may consider other colours.

        Surround around A/C Vent with no dents scratches and both bolt holes not broken and clips not broken.

        I want to buy more stuff too I will update this post with more . Can you please give me photos of this stuff and clear ones in good lighting.

        Moulding Stripe off rear bumper with no pits or deformation, Pre 1988 Please (Series 1) Just rear one not the sides of the bumper.

        I need the Coin Tray near the gear shifter that whole trim piece in Dark Brown with no marks and coin tray texture/skin in good condition and not smudged too much.

        Bootlid trim in Beige/Grey with no marks and all of the clips for it with no damage on them.

        Both Headlights with good lenses and upper sides of them have no dents/scratches left by tools etc.... is actually OK if lenses are OK and if the plastic tops (in engine bay) have not much dents/scratches.

        Fusebox Cover prefer green text on it with not much fade on the letters/symbols.

        Series 1 (non flat switches) Surround for the map Lamps with no cracks or scratches when taking off do not break as it can be difficult to get the right spot.

        Parker lamps left and right with no scratches or damage.

        Sun Sensor and panel that it lays on with no damage.

        2 x Dark Brown Door Trims with no tears around window switches and no sagging near windows and no scratches or marks, very good condition.

        Rear left floor mat dark brown.... or full set of Black Floor Mats

        4.3 LSD Diff with no unusual Noises or 4.55 LSD Diff.

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          I'll see what I have and get back to you mate, don't think I have allot , it has a good LSD pretty shore it's 4.55 to


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            hey man Im after the combination switch assembly off the steering column. The thing that does the indicators/head lights etc. I am also after the triangle window mirror interior covers and I am after the trim off the front bumper if its grey and the early model pattern.



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              head unit mounting brackets if its got them?


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                Sorry man no head unit brackets , thought I had some somewhere in the shed but can't find them


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                  Enflamed , I pm'd you


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                    After Chrome wheel guards that chrome wheel lip for the front wheels?


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                      Sorry man this one never had them on it


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                        Hey man, i was womdering if youd sell the door handles to me? Aswell ad the passengerside rearview mirror?


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                          Yeah no worries man shoot me a pm


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                            any chance you have a rear spoiler?
                            WANTED: Headlamp washers for Z10 / Z20


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                              Hey man not a spare 3 piece just the early style 1