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    So over the last 3 weeks ive been trying to obtain a car from S.A. , Adelaide hills.
    After several attempts at getting the owner / seller to try things to get the car in semi running condition so it can be drivin onto a truck. It was not possible.
    I contact a company called .... after reading a few reviews from other forums around Aust , these guys seemed ok.

    I emailed them, and followed up with a call to explain the situation.
    If any of you have tried to drive a turbo car with, say a problem with a hole/gap in the intercooler piping and its an AFM car, you would know the difficultys of getting them started and moving under their own power without conking out.
    Well this was not a intercooler piping problem nor AFM, but that is as similar as i can explain it without going into tech details.

    So i call Carcarrying to explain this, they said, well we would HAVE to classify that as a non-goer. As the guys at the depots dont like to try harder than getting in and turning the key and driving the car onto the trucks for transport.

    I understood what they meant (australian mentality and work ethic near zero as expected)

    So i advised then i will pay the $$ extra as a non runner transport.

    Paid the cash, Booked in a time, (Thurs the 17th of Nov), In the morning of the booking day the seller in SA had called me as he had heard nothing from the towies or company regarding the pickup, so i called and basically was told that "Their carrier no longer do non-goers as of the Monday that week.... "
    So no one had contacted either myself or the seller in regards to this, so the seller had a day of annual leave off to help get the car on the towtruck etc. Wasted. The company didnt really apologize either.

    I spoke to the Co-owner in the operations department of the company and explained this really isnt good enough, And id like a call back by Friday afternoon with an alternate plan and time to pick the car up.

    Friday came and went and i heard nothing, I emailed them in the afternoon with how upset i was at their customer service. No reply, Called them "Sorry Mxxx has left for the day about an hour ago"

    Monday came, i contacted them again, The guy in Ops dept. advised me "It had slipped his mind" on Friday and that "I will get a call back in the next 24 hours with a new booking time" as they were waiting to hear back from their alternate carrier (CEVA) to contact them with a time.

    Tuesday came and went. I heard nothing. Emailed them twice to their SALES and OPS departments and heard nothing.

    I called Wednesday,spoke to the same guy again. "Sorry we still havent managed to sort out a carrier for your car" to which i replied "Right how do we go about a refund then, and ill just call an alternate company to get this happening as its obvious you guys cannot get this completed"

    The manager didnt hesitate more than 1 second to say "No worries we will refund you the money it will be in your account within a few days"

    Its now Tuesday and i still havnet seen any of the refund in my account, i contacted them again today, asked why this has not happened their reply
    "we will chase that up with our accounts department, usually it takes 5 - 7 days though" .... JESUS CHRIST YOU cUNTSARE USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since Wednesday last week, i have organized an alternate company "" who has sorted out the car pickup although for $300 more than quoted by carcarrying. Im more than happy with their contact with me and booking times.


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    John can I ask what you were paying them?

    Toll Autotrans usually only cost me a little bit more than a grand to get a car over here from Sydney.. and i vaguely remember Adelaide Car Transport costing me about 7-800 when i moved my car from Adelaide to Perth before..

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      Carcarrying : $1000 (non runner)
      CEVA/Auto Logistics : $1400 (non runner)

      Cosiderable jump from the
      800 / 900
      for running cars.


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        hey guys,

        has anybody tried ?

        i got a quote to transport a car from melbourne depot to my door in sydney for $499 which seems like a very good price in comparison to all the other quotes i have received, but the 1 thing that worried me is that it says on the quote that " Driver will advise a drop off location in Melbourne" which seems a bit dodgy to me.