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1g Engine, parts, odd thing or two

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  • 1g Engine, parts, odd thing or two

    1ggte engine complete minus turbos 150k ish located in Ballina nsw

    1ggte head- has been test n cleaned good condition

    Front grill

    Turbo exhuast shields 1g

    Few others will update later

    Basically throw me fair price I'm pritty easy

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    Gen 3 1ggte need it all gone
    Honey comb grill
    1gtte turbo exhuast heat shields


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      Bump need it these gone


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        How much are you chasing for the 1ggte? And possible ship to Adelaide 5033. Cheers!


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          Not sure what postage would cost I'll check..

          $300 Sound good


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            Anything wrong with the motor? And are only the turbos missing? 300 including postage? Cheers. Sorry for all the Q's


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              Originally posted by B_JAY View Post
              Use e-go, make a platinum account


              depot to depot is cheaper, where possible
              even door to depot/depot to door is good

              wishin86: its not an easy task for the sender, add post costs (retail prices) to it and you could get something better local (or should I say more expensive), but I dont want to ruin a sale for dizz

              dizz: in most cases you'll need to drain ALL fluids and get a pallet, strap it down etc. etc.
              these things can make costs and effort involved go up, but its not bad if you can get a mate/have a ute, pallet and saw handy

              some companies will want a kidney for this, so try e-go first for your quotes
              make a free platinum account, then select an upgrade around the cost of the quote
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              Originally posted by coFF33
              Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
              Originally posted by GEEZ20
              quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

              Originally posted by Sports sedan