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Now Avaliable - A/C Compressor Seal kits

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  • Now Avaliable - A/C Compressor Seal kits

    Hi Guys.

    A common problem on Soarers is leaky A/C Compressors, usually goes undetected until the compressor runs empty of oil and becomes noisy, seizes and throws a belt, contaminating the whole system.

    Symptoms are often needing to regas the car, moisture at the bottom of the compressor.

    Available now are seal kits, so you can DIY Re-seal your own A/C Compressor.

    This is an extensive A/C Seal kit, you get :

    - 3 x Case Seals, These are the large O-rings that join the 3 body sections of the compressor together

    - Shaft Seal, Seals the main shaft of the compressor similar

    - 6 X Copper Washer Seals, Seals the Hex Bolt heads from leaking

    If you have a 1JZ Compressor, then the following seals are also included :

    - Lock-Up Sensor O-Ring (At the bottom of the compressor) (Not Pictured)

    - Pressure Relief Valve O-Ring (Not Pictured)

    Kits avaliable to suit 1G-GTE, 7M-GTE, 1JZ-GTE and 1UZ-FE if you like.

    Price - 7M and 1G - $60 Posted.

    1JZ or 2JZ Engine - $67 Posted

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    - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
    - All Circuits
    - Every Connector
    - Completely in English.