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Big Z20/A70 part out! Turbos, engine parts, cooling, interior, Heaps of stuff to go!

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  • Big Z20/A70 part out! Turbos, engine parts, cooling, interior, Heaps of stuff to go!

    1/6/2016 - Updated list and lowered prices!!

    Finally clearing out my shed, and parting out a project car HEAPS of 7MGTE and A70/Z20 stuff, if youíre chasing a part in particular let me know. Would much prefer pickup on the heavy stuff. Some of the parts listed are still attached to the vehicle and will be removed upon request.

    6x 440cc 7MGTE injectors - Now $100

    6x 550cc RC Engineering injectors to suit 7MGTE - $250

    7MGTE Coil Packs - $40

    100mm intercooler, intake, k&n filter, piping (all black heat wrapped), blow off valve, silicone joiners/bends/etc. for 7MGTE in Z20 chassis will require removal of standard air box and modification of sheet metal under right hand side headlight - Now $200

    NOS wet single fogger system, lines, solenoids, 10lb bottle, mounting brackets, system was installed but never used. Tank was never connected and will require a fitting to attach to line. - Now $250

    7MGTE intake manifold - Now $30

    A340LE 2JZ Transmission, bought with intention of rebuilding as a change over, I was told it was in good condition when I bought it but havenít opened it. - Now $100

    Custom tail shaft and a340le flange to suit Aristo 2JZ/A340LE in Z20 chassis. Would rather sell with complete A340LE instead of separating custom flange - $300

    Knock off Greddy Type S blow off valve - $20

    I've got heaps more items and pictures to add, but that will do for the moment.
    Cheers everyone
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    2JZ R154 MZ21

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    Hey man , interested in your built engine , can u inbox me a phone number?


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      AH, so your the one who beat me to it *cries*


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        hey man interested in whether or not you have any manifolds for a 1g? im currently changing from the twins to a single turbo.

        cheers pat


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          Injectors still for sale?


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            You still selling these ??


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              I would be keen for the cooler piping if you will seperate for cheaper?


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                Interested in EMS Engine ECU if your still want to sell it. Which Model is it and I take it it has it's short loom coming off it that you tapped into a 7m Loom? Was it all working fine?

                - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
                - All Circuits
                - Every Connector
                - Completely in English.


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                  Still have cooler and set up?


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                    Yep still available!
                    2JZ R154 MZ21


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                      Hey mate still got that temp gauge?
                      Is it in good working order, does it come with wiring and sensor?
                      Oh and how much to post to Canberra?


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                        Still have any interior parts? I've been chasing a wiper/ headlight switch?