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house of automotive z20 fan shroud kit

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  • pandaah
    started a topic house of automotive z20 fan shroud kit

    house of automotive z20 fan shroud kit

    Ok guys, here in my hands I have a fan shroud kit specially made size wise for a z20 radiator, mounting type is universal so I can sell them in different markets but if I get a group buy ill even have special tabs welded on so it will be a perfect fit, even tho it already is, well be sold singly with bolts to go thru the radiator in the corners

    The fan shroud are designed to house 2x 12in slim profile thermo fans, the items I'm selling are 220w and pump out 1400cfm each! The edges of the shroud where it meets the radiator is lined with rubber to protect the radiator

    Quality Australian made shroud with dyno proven electric fans, get in while you can and rest assured your car won't cook this summer!

    Fan shroud on its own - $100
    Fan shroud with fans - $260

  • pandaah
    Can you measure the distance from the pipe to the radiator finds boris, Secondly in not welding or riveting the corners there's not reason for them to ever bend apart, and thirdly you can custom mount and 12in fan, this is the setup my car had to make over 400hp..

    And like I said I can get them with exact z20 mounts welded on but it has to be a group buy of 10 or more

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  • Z2TT

    I've needed something like this but could not find anything to fit my setup.
    I had to make a custom setup with one fan, which apparently was rated at 3200CFM but it does not deliver nowhere the flow
    that my Falcon can for example or a Toyota Hydro setup, in short it sucked, well not really.

    I would be Interested in something that is made for a bolt up to suit the factory radiator holes as best as possible.
    are the bends riveted together or is this all going to be welded?

    I'd like to know if this can clear JZA70 Factory intercooler piping routes?
    As many people end up having to do a battery relocation and different cooler pipe routing in order to run dual shrouded thermos which I am not a fan of.

    Example in my Picture here to show clearance (JZZ30 Pipe is used on throttle body)
    Or if not, can it leave enough room for a custom pipe to be made to run down parallel to the engine pulleys like factory.

    Is there any chance to fit dual speed Slim fans, as my relay setup is a dual speed configuration based on different engine temps.
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