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Supra MK3/ Soarer Z20 1GGTE Parts

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  • Supra MK3/ Soarer Z20 1GGTE Parts

    Time to let go of the parts collected over the years as they are now looking for a new home.

    1g gze Alternator $80
    1g gte Alternator $80
    1g gte Starter Motor $80
    1g gte Engine ECU $80
    1g gte afm $30
    1g gte Flywheel $50
    1g gte o2 sensor $10
    1g gte Polished water and oil pipes $20
    1g gte/1g fe New MLS Head Gasket $50
    1g gte Fuel rail with injectors and regulator $50
    1g gte Throttle body, throttle position sensor ect $50
    A70/Z20 Supra/Soarer LSD Diff Center $120
    Z20/A70 Supra Soarer boost guage holder $10
    Sard Boost guage $10
    HKS Mushroom Pod Filter with Filter $30
    MK3 A70 Supra Digital Dash for parts some crack on plastic $50
    Coin,park,fodlight,headligh height,limber,mirror,cruiser, & consoles $5/10
    A70 Supra door control unit $10
    A70 Supra front LHS/RHS Moulds both $20
    Leather wrap for center console $15
    Kicker 2ch kx200.2 Amp $30

    HKS GCC in box new condtition $150
    Apexi S-ITC in Box Brand New $150

    Random Bolts/ bits $free
    Random Shims $free
    Bosskit $free
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    ^ z20 Soarer international ?? Yer its nice to be here ^

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    got a pic of the gcc?


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      I am interested in the MLS gasket if it is still available


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        Still have the starter motor on sale if yes sms me on 0435816265