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Z20 knuckles?

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  • Z20 knuckles?

    Has anyone heard of anyone that modifies the steering knuckles for more lock?

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    i did some for mine, just cut 15mm out currently only been round the block tho

    just find someone that can weld to do it.


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      mine has modified knuckles. they were done somewhere in vic. JDI fabrications


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        do u have any pics on how u did it slipway?


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          not really bro only got a before and after.

          i have the gp sports rack spacers aswell, whats really holding me up is with no front sway bar my wheel is connecting with the lca at ride hight right where the shock mount is(17x9+11,so i was told but they seem to have the same inner piece as my 8+5 so need to do sme measuring).

          i have a whole z30 front setup on the lawn, getting tempted to go down this root again as the lca is like 3x thinner in the same spot. ill take some pics when my phone is charged up.


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            with using the z30 setup what parts do you use?
            cant remember if i read it somewhere you use the lca, uppercontroll arm and the hub (cut and shut).
            just need to put a spacer for the lca as the thickness of the bushing is smaller than the mounting gap?
            if you use the z30 hub cut and shut wont that mean you could just buy aftermarket nuckles for a z30?


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              you use the stock uca but switch side's, z30 one you need to mod the subframe as the mouts are closer togeather.

              could just use z30 aftermarket knucles, started a set today with 30mm removed. declan (cptsideways) took out 50mm.

              once ive finished the other knuckle ill get some pics up.