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EDC Round 1 - 5th Place

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  • EDC Round 1 - 5th Place

    Hi Guys

    EDC Round R1 started with a cracking event at the "new to us" classic UK race circuit venue Oulton Park, running a section of circuit in reverse to the usual way round, in front of a pretty big & enthusiastic 6000 strong crowd, which was great for a new event to the venue.

    The Soarer was going great, handling superbly & looking good in the new EDC "Need For Speed" livery.

    The new EDC format with just practice & a top 16 event means a pretty short sharp shock of an introduction to a new circuit for everyone, add in a downpour in the practice session to make things even more interesting, which means Oulton Park don't have to mow the grass for a few weeks now! luckily the sun stayed out for the rest of the day which was great for the crowds, it meant the to 16 battles were being done more or less blind with only a couple of dry practice runs before the battles, it certainly sorted us lot out!

    Top 16 I was paired with Kieron Cameron in his 180sx, first run went 5/5 & second run he had a spin behind me so that was a 10/0 to me meaning I went through the top 8 wooohooo.

    Top 8 my opponent would be my good buddy & fellow Maxxis team mate Mark Luney in the SVA Imports 350Z. We both agreed to put on a good show, don't lift & keep it nailed First battle went 5/5 with me following, so evens it was. I lead & it looks even from the rear view mirror, he just managed to get the edge on me on corner one, its a close call so Mark goes through with a 6/4 advantage. Mark went on to a well deserved 3rd place.

    I score 5th place with 40 championship points, a nice start to the season, I'm going for a win in the next one though!
    EDC/D1 Spec Drift Z20 Soarer, 1JZ'd GT3076r Competing all over Europe

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    fuck yeah Declan

    Car looks mean as fuck out there dude !!!!
    well done on the 5th place and the points !

    so jealous of your setup and the skillz....

    Any chance one day you could post up a really detailed thread on what you've modified and how, with the car to make it the way it is ??

    for people like Deano/MR1J/Me and others that drift , tips are always wanted!


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      awsome work there mate well done. i think some vids are in order.

      id be really keen for detailed info on the z30 hub conversion as ive lined up the parts for it just need to now how you modded the steering arm on the hub and the lca spacing.


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        as coff said.
        real curious wat u got done on that car!
        looks good man


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          If you boys want to see some in car footage from the 1st test day of 2009 when I was giving the car a wee shakedown here you go, its starts a min or so in

          EDC/D1 Spec Drift Z20 Soarer, 1JZ'd GT3076r Competing all over Europe


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            hell yeah man!! represent the z20 your doin an awsome job!! more vids!!!
            PREVIOUS RIDE- '87 mz20 1JZ GT Lmtd.
            CURRENT BUILD- R31 gts-r trackcar