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JZA70 sway bars

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  • JZA70 sway bars

    Hi all.
    Just wanted to know if anyone is using jza70 swaybars in there z20 soarer???

    Are they any different to the standard ones?
    I know they are thicker and stronger but can you feel the difference when driving?

    Also has anyone forked out for white line or tannabe sway bars? Are they worth the price?
    1986 GZ20 auto - daily...

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    *waiting for coFF33 to chime in*

    hes had both jza70 bars and now has whitelines and i believe he said that the jza70's are an upgrade but the whitelines are 10x better than the jza70 bars
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      I've never tried JZA70 ones, I know MA70 is thicker. I've run doubled up GA70 ones in the rear of my Soarer for a while, slight difference but barely noticeable. Pretty sure I put an MA70 one in too but again, same story.

      Whiteline ones are like night and day, definitely worth the money (and they're so cheap now!! Were over $700 new the pair when I bought mine). I firmly believe swaybars with good shocks and good springs is potentially better than just coilovers for a track car


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        Yeah I have looked at the white line ones on there website. They seem to be the shit. I think they are only like $200 each.

        Yeah Looonie im also looking at a good set of shocks and springs to get.
        1986 GZ20 auto - daily...


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          I found this in a car performance book.

          "Swaybar stiffness increases as the fourth power of the diameter. For example, a swaybar might have a diameter of 22mm and you are considering changing it for one which is 26mm in diameter. 22 to the fourth (22x22x22x22) gives a stiffness factor of 234,256 units. The second bar's stiffness is 26 to the fourth which is 456,976. Divide one by the other and you can see that the second bar's stiffness is almost twice (1.95 times) as high."

          So what size are the GZ20 swaybars and what size are the JZA70 bar's?
          And are they the same size front and back?
          1986 GZ20 auto - daily...


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            Ok i found out the whiteline swaybar sizes...
            Front is 30mm
            Rear is 22mm
            So the front is 810,000 stiffness units
            and the rear is 234,256 stiffness units.

            Dont know what the standard swaybar sizes are yet
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            1986 GZ20 auto - daily...


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              Any luck on the sizes of standard and Jza70 swaybar sizes?
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