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Front suspension - Words of wisdom from the wise

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  • Front suspension - Words of wisdom from the wise

    Courtesy of Trevor's post on the facebook group...

    Hey guys i dropped off my knuckles at HeyMan products this morning and had a long chat with Shinji minowa. Shinji is a friend of mine and has done work on all my cars here in japan.

    I spoke with him about the Z20 and what things i should be doing. I asked him about clearance and how to make more on the lower arm. I asked him how they did it in the 80's and he said they never clearanced it just increased the lenght. He said you have to take the ball joint and shock lower mount off then box the end longer with steel plate or boxed bar stock. Then re drill the holes for the new balljoint position and shock mount.

    He said this way is best because it gives you the wider neeeded front track width, more available camber, lots of clearance and its the strongest way to do it. He said once i put the knuckles on if they wont reach i can increase the length of the tie rod end. I asked him about what to use in the tie rod area and he said stock inners, stock outers and a rack spacer.

    His knuckles come with 6mm spacers so ill be installing those. He said stock tie rod is best because its cheap and extremely strong. I asked him about them bending and he said Nissans are more prone to that because of the way the suspension behaves when you spin and get hard on the brakes to stop. He said hes never bent a stock Yota inner and thats all he's ever used. He said stock upper control arm is best too, both his D1 car and all of Daigo Saitos drift cars all have stock Toyota UCA's and tie rods. He said theyve tried to use aftermarket inners but they would usually become sloppy after one track day so he only ever uses stock with a rack spacer.

    I spoke with Nagahama-San from N-style about his Z30 and Nakamura's Z20 and he said Nakamura uses 20k front spring rate and 14K rear on his Z20. Nagahama's Z30 has 22/16 spring rates.

    Nagahama-san also was the one who informed me that the JZX100 Mark2 roof wings fit Z20, he said they required a slight 2 second modification and they fit perfect. I have measure the stock back glass width of a 100 and it seems to be right. But ill know for sure once my Soarer goes back together and i can make a paper mockup to lay on both cars.

    Thats about it guys, there is probably more but i cant remember right now.