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  • TEMS question

    I am interested to know how much the tems motor turns and is there a limit to its turns. Lets say, the original shocks has 3 settings, soft, medium and hard.
    From my understanding when you press soft button, the valving is turned to its minimum, then on sport, its turned a bit more perhaps clockwise, under hard braking the tems motor turns to the max.
    1. What is the increment of turns between these 3 settings ? 45 degrees ? 90 Degrees? Or its proportionally variable ? If so, what is the turning limit ?

    What I am concerned about is I am planning to change my rear shocks to tokico Illumina TEMS compatible ones, but i hear its 30% harder than stocks throughout the range, and it has 5 steps.
    I am just confused as to how the illuminas work compared to originals in its number of steps. Is the range of shaft turn the same as stock or more ?
    2. What will be the correct procedure to swap shocks over? My guess would be to turn the key to ACC, then press the tems button to soft. Then turn the illuminas shock tops to maximum soft, then install. Is this the correct way ?