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    hi guys,

    so been bashing my head against the wall with the power windows,

    at first i thought the switches were stuffed now i got new working switches...tested b4 taking out... the passanger side still wont work and wont work from the drivers side master control either but the drivers side window works fine

    need help asap for rwc

    anyone know how to fix this or know what the problem might be???


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    check if the motor is getting power..
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      check the wires that run inside the rubber boot between the door hinges, i had the same problem after taking the boot off and inspecting the wires 2 had snapped. must of just happened over the years of opening and closing.

      other than that just take off the door skin and get power straight to the motor see if it still works.
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        power direct to the window is the first diagnostic test, positive and negative in one config will make it go up, swap the wires and itll go down..
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          just thought i'd chime in because although my power windows work they go up and down really slow and even slower without the motor running.

          dodgy regulator?
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            door skin off cant locate the window motor i must be a retard but had my hand in up and around the in side of the door cant feel or see the motor ???lol

            where bouts is this thing??? haha


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              yep blonde moment haha

              motor screwed

              in need now of one


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                Just to bring this up again I am having similar trouble.

                Passenger switch operates the window intermittently. Driver side passenger switch will open it but not close it unless I keep the button held down for about 30 seconds. Drivers window works fine.

                Also my sunroof is being temperamental as well. Sometimes works sometimes it doesn't.

                I pulled everything apart today and went nuts with contact cleaner. Also used a screw driver to try scrape all the terminals a bit even though they all look fine. This hasn't made much difference.

                Any suggestions anyone?
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                  Take switches apart maybe?
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                    Originally posted by Z2TT View Post
                    contact cleaner will probably not fix very very burnt contacts you'll have to scrape it off and also make sure the switches are working properly something inside could be loose and intermittently contacting.

                    When you said you pulled everything apart, did you take the switches apart?
                    no just removed the switch unit from the bezel. I tried to pull them apart but I started cracking the plastic so I gave up.


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                      You will find it's probably the switch contacts need cleaning.
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                      - All Circuits
                      - Every Connector
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                        Ill have to give it another crack. Though both the sunroof and passenger window worked flawlessly today lol. Tomorrow they will both be stuffed again probably.


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                          having the same problem... did anyone come up with anything? My passenger window only works if i power the plug directly tried different switches which i know work but still nothing. Does the passenger side window get its power from the drivers side?


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                            my window is stuck down, the motor i believe is getting power to it because when i activate the switch up or down i can hear a click from within my door.... rooted motor?


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                              I replaced my battery for a bigger one and they power up n down great now and the sunroof