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Need dash help, Fuel, Temp and Trip dont work

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  • Need dash help, Fuel, Temp and Trip dont work

    Hey all, Ive got a 88 Soarer auto chassis that was converted to a 5 speed using all the correct parts and I am having an issue. The dash works however the Gas gauge, Temp gauge, trip meeter and I think there is another one all do not light up at all. I have replaced the top upper section of the cluster (the digital part) and it has not fixed it.

    Does anyone have the chassis diagram / wiring diagram for the dash for this or know of anything that could be causing this issue? I purchased the car with these issues sadly so I have no idea if it ever worked or not.

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    Anyone? Really could use some assistance here. I searched on Google and coudln't find anything for wiring.


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      Check the wiring for your speedo sender. Its been a while since it was discussed (however a search should help you) but from memory the purple yellow and black wires assist with a lot of the dash functions.

      Failing that, also check all of your brown earth wires in behind the dash and in the drivers kick panel.


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        Will definitely give them a try and see what I come up with. Im wondering it Its a ground because it doesn't look like its even lighting up at all.


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          The dash has various power sources going to it that it relies on for it's functions, you want to ensure first no fuses are blown and second earth is good (not just continuity, but able to flow a decent current)
          - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
          - All Circuits
          - Every Connector
          - Completely in English.


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            Well, I replaced the top half of the dash and no go ( the part that is digital) and then I replaced the bottom half and everything is working again. So it looks like something is wrong with my bottom half.

            I guess off to look for a manual cluster with out TEMS, Anyone know of any?