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help! headlights wont turn on! high beam ON

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  • help! headlights wont turn on! high beam ON

    hey guys, i got this problem that keeps getting me stopped by police and i haven't figured it out for while now...

    See, the lights used to work perfectly until one day it decided it wouldn't turn on

    the High beam indicator light would turn on as soon as i turned the switch once, then as i turned on the low beams the high beam indicator light would become brighter and no lights would be on at this point.

    I was thinking it was ground problems, but I dont know where to find these ground connections to check them,
    i was thinking they were the switch ground or the headlights ground

    anyone know where i can find these ?


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    found it guys, its a ground coming from the instrument cluster which goes through the driver side kick panel, thick white black wire which seemed to be a loose connection...

    i tried grounding straightly my headlights first, observed how they turned on, then had to search which of them bastards was faulty so I would be able to properly use low and high beam and then voila