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  • JZX110 stereo

    Hi all I got myself a 2002 jzx110 mark ii for a daily.
    I want to upgrade the stock speakers soon and have been trying to find out what its got from factory without pullding apart the car.
    It looks like 6x9's in the rear but no idea whats in fromt. Just know they splits.
    Anyone here know what size in them? Or where i can find out. Jzxworld forum had nothing, same as toymods.

    Thanks all.
    1986 GZ20 auto - daily...

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    just get an idea of what you want to spend
    take the door trim off
    -go buy

    in one day....

    unless youre not doing the install, guys at the shop may help, especially if theyve done one already
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    Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
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    quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

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      yeah I thought about that, just easier to know before hand. Thanks anyway B JAY.

      I was playing around with the head unit settings and the stock speakers are very good as is. Decided I need to change rims and couple go fast bits before I change stereo.
      1986 GZ20 auto - daily...


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        Don't trust your cars to Audio Shops i've found most of them will just tear your door trips apart put rips in your interior, probably put the wrong screws in the wrong places.
        - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
        - All Circuits
        - Every Connector
        - Completely in English.


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          I was a little surprised when I read your original post the other day, as the stereo in my JZX110 is pretty damn good. Its not going to wake the neighbours (like the c#*ts across the road) but its certainly enough to be "too much" for extended periods of time...

          If only there was a USB input or it could read MP3 cds *sigh*

          Definitely wheels, lowering, kit then go fast Start a project thread already :P


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            I'll get a thread going soon.
            Has an aftermarket headunit and in the settings all the eq's were turned down so I adjusted them and yeah stock speakers go alright.

            She has a kit and rims already but the ugly. Will be starting other mods soon.

            Also Z2TT I never get shops to my audio, always DIY
            1986 GZ20 auto - daily...