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6.5" In doors, Possible?

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    i have kept most of the plastic except for the bit that goes around the factory speaker boxes.


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      Originally posted by B_JAY View Post
      could maybe use factory a70 6 inch pods if you could find them...

      Im happy with my 2x alpine 25w 4 inch, my whole system
      There was a guy on supramania selling new 6" replacment oem pods for the a70. They cost around $100 aud shipped from america ( i purchased mine from him )
      i think they should fit directly on.
      to be certain you can try and fir the 4" speaker pods from the a70 to the z20 or vice versa, if this works then the 6" speaker pods will fit.
      ^ z20 Soarer international ?? Yer its nice to be here ^


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        real men just get DLS 4" Crossovers

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