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  • best oil for 1jz

    Hey guys i think i needa switch to a diff oil been using castrol edge 10w-60 and i have regular sweet grey/white smoke, cold rough idle start ups even hesitates to reverse for 5 seconds then pulls its shit together (oil is weel due for chnge tho). Any advice on best fully synth and oil filter from shops? its a1jz with roughly 180xxx kms cheers

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    10w30 or 10w40 is what is recommended

    ive got redline 10w30 in mine.

    as long as you dont buy a cheap ass oil you should be fine. so mobil 1, redline, royal purple etc
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      I have been using Castrol Edge 0W-40 with good results. Recently as an emergency i used Castrol Edge 5W-30 and i found it to be too thin. Oil pressure at idle was too low and oil temps got hotter (110deg+).

      I'm about to try out Motul 300v Chrono 10W-40.

      If you're having trouble with cold start, maybe try an oil with a thinner W value? 0W-40 could be good for you. I don't think the 10W-60 would be doing you any favours. 60 is quite thick.
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        Penrite HPR15. Hands Down.

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          Hahaha I find this always so interesting to listen too.

          I use to work in an oil analysis lab. Viscosity Changes so frequently. Turbo set ups should definatly use diffrent oil in my opinion. Most will do the job suitably well.

          There are many more things that are far more crucial to look out for like silicon levels in your oil from filter and intake set ups. It was amazing seeing how much shit a pod filter lets it. Granted the induction is much better but i Would suggest changing your oil far more frequently if you dont run a airbox filter set up.
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            i use 10-40 Royal Purple. Car seems to love it. Engine runs quiet and smooth.


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              I found this the other day.. tells you every thing you need to know about oils.


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                cheers guys and im guessing supa el cheapo would be best place to get these for cheap yo? and one other thing is spark plugs im using the platinums but when i first had the engine installed it had denso double platinums and i vaguely member it running rather good even tho it was dirt blk


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                  I use Penrite HPR10, engine runs fine. Supercheap auto sells penrite at good prices
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