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does any body know a boss kit that will fit?

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  • does any body know a boss kit that will fit?

    i've had a look around and and most car acessory places dont stock any z20 spec boss kits just woundering if anybody knew a more common cars kit that will fit or maybee if i could ask for an a70 supra one? im not sure if they share any common parts in that area iv been told that a celica one will fit with slight modification but dont know if i want the hassle if theres somthing that will fit straight out? the steering wheel is a nardi style momo ligier any helps apritiated
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    could ask em for ma70 supra that should be the same i believe celica ones fit too
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      hey that mite do and a better price then what the stores have been asking cheers
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        i have the same promble i have asked heaps of place but none seem to know.


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          as far as i know there the same as a corolla, ask around toymods maybe someone there might have some more info.
          1989 JZZ20 Soarer 1JZGTE, The Project.
          1992 LN106 Hilux 4x4 5L, The Daily


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            not sure what boss kit i had on my mx73 cressida but it fit right onto my z20


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              all toyota bosses are the same, they will all fit anything the only thing thats different about them is some wont turn off your indicator after a turn but that never bothered me :P

              my momo wheel has been on both celicas both camrys, my 4runner my crown a even my charade as their owned by toyota so thus the same

              and as expected its on my soarer now
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                I have a momo steering wheel boss off a jza70 if you want it


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                  i got a celica boss kit on at the moment. It was the cheapest toyota one i could get :P

                  i just drilled 3 holes into it so it cancels the indicator now too.
                  i just need to wire up the horn if im bothered :P


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                    Im soon fixing my bosskit in the Mark II , as its a JZA70 booskit and will not cancel out my indicators when the wheel returns to straight after a corner.

                    there are certain tabs on back of the boss kit which have to be:

                    1. the same size as the steering coloum tabs
                    2. the same shape

                    so to get around this problem , i will have to re-drill differnet sized holes on the rear of the boss kit so it can slide onto the tabs on my coloum.

                    Ill write up a thread in the "HOW TO" section soon

                    As far as im aware in regards to WHAT FITS Z20 , the following have been rumored to fit 100% without issues:

                    RA65 Celica
                    RA40 Celica
                    AE92 Corolla
                    AE101 Corolla


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                      Toyota boss kits are all the same by and large
                      just different depth, as different cars had dished steering wheels more then others.
                      ie: KE70 rolla was dished more then an AE82 rolla...
                      found this out by buying a KE70 boss kit, putting it on the AE82, and banging my fingers on the dash and blinker tree ><
                      but, the splines are all the same.

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