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    Benefits vs Drawbacks, suppliers, fitment, donor vehicles (interchangeable), downpipe?

    Is 3" catback reasonable for stock 88 Z20? Where is a good place to get one?

    I figure 3.5/4 is overkill for the itty bitty stock titties (twin 12s).

    2.5 is probably more than enough, but would 3 make any difference?

    I haven't a clue where to get one since I live in the No-Fun-North

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    you might find a second hand dump pipe from japan if your lucky but just a cat back with high flow or no cat(if you can get away with it) should give you a noticable increase.

    id just go three inch if you going to the trouble then theres no need to upgrade again down the track if you swap motors or turbo's.

    as for fitment i dare say one from an ma70 will fit being that anywhere the exhaust runs i would assume to be the same left or right hand drive. it will be atleast 40mm to short around the car area as there is a little extra lenght in the soarer chassis.

    maybe try find somthing to test fit before you spend anymoney but i just had a quick look on ebay and you can get stainless ones for as low as $250
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      Why does everyone get cat-backs instead of full systems? Always wondered this when you could just go 3" from the turbo back like my car.
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        not really worth it in my opinion if you dont have sperate dumps from each turbo and with a 1g your way better off spending the money on a single upgrade rather than wasting cash on the ct12's


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          Thanks for the answer, and elaborating on it. After that, alloy rad + oil cooler + intercooler, then possibly fix the nasty cosmetic damage.

          The whole front end got mashed up from a drunk driver, but just the plastic bits. And the hood was rumpled a bit but hood pins after me and my mate stood on the sides to smooth it out did the trick, kind of... Battle scars...


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            And on that note, where can I get an aftermarket bonnet that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I've seen some nice CF ones but christ the price tags made my balls ache... I'd even settle for ABS just to have a clean and straight one again.


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              back on the track of g/ma70 exhausts can anyone verify that they are very close in shape to that of a z20 without giving plenty of headaches?


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                Similar to z20 but might need to be either lengthened or shortened a bit so it can work.
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                  i know thats ga/ma exhausts are 70mm difference
                  think its longer so need 70mm cut off and flange re-welded


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                    supra a70 exhausts will fit the rear hangers and will clear under the diff
                    Ive always been told they need to be shortened, but mine was too short and needed extra put in, maybe because of the non standard dump/front pipe
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                      A70 cat back exhaust is bolt in but needs to be lengthened about 100mm due to the longer Z20 chassis.