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oil to use for 1ggte

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  • oil to use for 1ggte

    hi guys i just bought my z20 recently and want to do a oil change can anyone suggest a good engine oil and weight to use for a 72,000kms 1ggte auto im pushing 10psi with aftermarket intercooler and cat back 3inch.
    i dont want to use crap oil as that would be a shame and not good for the engine

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    cant you find the search button?
    Originally posted by coFF33
    Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
    Originally posted by GEEZ20
    quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

    Originally posted by Sports sedan


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      in your engine bay somewhere quite easy to see it will say 10w30. and autobarn has no 1g-gte filters listed so ask them and theyll check on the computer and get you the right one. but you can use the 7m filters too im pretty sure
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        hahaha thanks now i know what im after you should know i like to use the right stuff bj


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          Factory specified is 10w30 Many people with 1g-gte's use 15-40 for years and is all good I'd go 15-40 just don't go something too different from what the manufacturer recommends.

          I reckon we need a FAQ and General info and service list so then there will be no need to search for things through the forum.

          Oil Filter is Ryco Z418
          - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
          - All Circuits
          - Every Connector
          - Completely in English.


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            yeah along with plugs/leads all the usual service bits and just a huge list we can add any bits of info like this in there


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              many thanks guys all done now


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                I've used a few different brands of oil and weights so far I've found Castrol edge Sports 10-60 to be the best for me.
                Thats My personal choice so far and i must stress that it only what i personally thought was the best.
                ^ z20 Soarer international ?? Yer its nice to be here ^