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What RPM do you get full boost?

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  • What RPM do you get full boost?

    Just wondering what rpm you guys are getting full boost at?

    I'm running my stock twinturbo 1G at 1.0bar (14.5psi). I should also mention I'm just using a manual 'spike' style boost controller.

    Starts boosting at ~2200rpm
    0.5bar (7.2psi) at 2800rpm
    1.0bar (14.5psi) at 3500rpm

    It sorta sits on 0.5bar for a bit before jumping to 1.0bar, I guess this has something to do with 7psi being the standard boost and I'm basically doubling it.

    Since installing an FMIC with 2.5" piping, it's started to hit boost cut sometimes but only under heavy load.. I'll have to get a fcd now and crank it higher

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    8.9 psi @ 4910 rpm

    Fucking lag, my cat is McFucked and my bottom turbo might be too.
    1986 JZZ20


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      Originally posted by seven View Post
      8.9 psi @ 4910 rpm

      Fucking lag, my cat is McFucked and my bottom turbo might be too.
      nothing a broom handle cant fix

      JZZ20 1988 Soarer GT Twin Turbo
      1JZ-GTE + R154 + Garrett T04S/External Gate + 550cc + Bosch 040 + KoyoRad + Custom Plenum + 90mm TB + Kaaz 1.5Way + Cusco Comp-S + Cusco Strut Brace + Nightpager 4 Pot Conversion + HID's [GZ 20 WA]
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        Broom? I think a 1JZGTE is the only cure.

        All of my oil seals are fucked on the 1g, is that a good enough excuse? :P
        1986 JZZ20


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          Anything is a good enough excuse, including 'because I can'


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            I was getting full boost at 36 with a garrett 2876r with a .6 rear, and full boost at 45ish with a trust t67 or td06-25g with a .6 rear running about 20 -28 psi. But my car is broke.
            Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?