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  • early xmas present

    hey guys im in the market for some early xmas pressies for myself so i need a little help finding some distributors in wa.

    my clutch is on its way out so im looking at exedy twin plate clutches, whats a rough decent price i should expect to pay? and who knows decent places that sell them. i will install it myself. will that clutch be alright?

    also i need a bosh 040, perhaps 2jz injectors what is the standard 440cc or 540cc. i need head room for min 250kws max 320kws.
    where and what prices should i expect to pay?

    at the moment i want a safc 2 to do the tuning so where should i buy one and who can install it and tune it for me?

    and for future reference who does decent prices on garret turbo's?

    im not sure if i should be buying all this stuff off the net or go down to a local place. any suggestions would be great cheers.

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    You could try call some Auto shops like Auto one because they all Supply Bosch Gear so they can probably get a Pump in for you.

    2jz Injectors should do it for 300rwkw but you'll probably pay a bit for them if your going new from Toyota, and if second hand you got to have them Flow Tested. Or you could just get Higher flowing Injectors and a Rail to suit so you have plenty of headroom. Drift Shop might have something ready that they can sell you.

    SAFC2 Since they are discontinued you can get one off ebay for a Good Price they come up here and there. WTF-Auto for Tuning or Ovaboost.

    If you get a Bad Seller online they probably won't be helpful if its faulty whether if you buy it from a shop you might be better off.
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