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Emanage blue wiring help

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  • Emanage blue wiring help

    Hi all,

    I have had my emanage blue fitted for about a month now, only just starting playing around with it recently and have noticed the car pinging when coming onto boost (3500-4500rpm) if the afr is adjusted any leaner then factory (I have a wideband).

    I've read a few articles where it states that basically you adjusting the air flow signal directly affects your ignition timing as the engine thinks there's less load then there actually is ie; run it leaner could also advance your timing.

    I have tried to get the ignition harness to work with the 1G ecu but problem is the ignition wire is the same as the tacho and if you hook it up as per the manual it just seems to adjust the tacho and not the actual timing.

    Has anyone had a luck wiring up the ignition side of an emanage blue on a 1G?

    I'm also yet to wire in the injectors as the 1G is grouped in 3's so not sure if that will work either.