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gz20 with 1ggteu twin turbo Major service

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  • gz20 with 1ggteu twin turbo Major service

    hey guys im hoping someone can help me out with part numbers for my first major service at ........ real 100,000 kms

    1 bought my bosh timing belt
    2 bought the Tensioner and bearing "japan made"
    3 should i get camshaft seals?
    4 what is the platnum spark plug part number for the 1ggteu twin turbo

    And any recomendations for the best mechanic for soarers in adelaide.
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    PQ20R if you want Platinum Spark Plugs.

    If the Cam seals aren't leaking no need to replace them as it wouldn't be too hard to get to them when you need to, I've never done them on a 1G-GTE but it should be similar to the 1JZ-GTE.

    Any mechanic should be able to do that job does not have to be a Soarer Mechanic so long as they are a good one.
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      ok thanks Z2TT im realy fussy when it comes to my cars.

      Is there gap settings anywere? i dont have a glovebox manual .
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        BCPR6EP-N-8 in a ngk platnum or a denso 90919-01145