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Fitting solid rear subframe bushes

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  • Fitting solid rear subframe bushes

    I accept no responsibility for damages or broken body parts from following these instruction.

    Positives -Solid subframe bushes will help the rear end stay fixed and let the suspension do all of the work.
    Negatives - More noise will be transferred through to the cabin and there may be more risk of cracking the subframe.

    The ones I use are aluminium but if you wanted something slightly less solid you could use Wearlon (like a nylon). CBC Bearings have scrap blocks of wearlon for $10.

    There are 6 bushes. All are 98mm wide and have a 24mm hole. The front 4 are 18mm thick, rear 2 are 20mm thick.

    Jack the car up under the diff and put jack stands under the chassis (not the subframe). You may also need to remove the rear section of the exhaust.

    Each side has 3 bushes. One is just near the sway bar mount.

    The other two are near the traction rod mount.

    Remove the front nut and bolt, and the rear nut with the washer/cup on both sides. 19mm

    You'll also need to remove the bracket with the two 14mm bolts.

    Slowly let the jack down. (the coilovers will stop it dropping to the ground)

    You should be able to lift the bolts out the way while you put in the new bushes.

    Old bushes

    Jack the diff back up and put all the nuts and bolts back how you took them off. Check they're all tight with a breaker bar.

    Enjoy having a more predictable rear end!

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