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Middle Taillight Conversion

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  • Middle Taillight Conversion

    Middle Tail Light Conversion

    I thought I might write how I went with my tail light conversion. Hopefully this gives others and idea how to do it. This is just one way to do this conversion there is multiple ways to do this. I.E. Doing some baking.

    What you will need:
    • Taillight (I used a left S2 Taillight with a 3.0GT Badge; This will have the least amount of indent after a de-badge)
    • Number Plate Surround
    • Angle Grinder
    • Duct Tape
    • Measuring Tape
    • Sand Paper
    • Soldering Equipment
    • 2 x 40cm 12v LED Strip
    • Power Drill
    • Silicon Sealant
    • Adhesive Sikafix
    • Cables (To solder LED strips too.)
    • 1x Aftermarket Plug
    • Sealing Rubber (rubber insulation)

    First: Measure up the number plate surround and find out how much you will need to cut out of the taillight to make it fit right. I measured what to cut from the middle of the 3.0GT Badge leaving 1cm extra free to sand down. (Rather cut not enough then cut to much.)

    Second: Use Duct tape to measure out the cutting area, this will also help make sure the taillight lenses doesn’t crack while you’re using the angle grinder to cut it down.

    Three: Cut the number plate surround and sand it down as flush as you want it then slide the middle light into the surround, this will require a lot of sanding so it fits snug, do not cut out the back bracing for the number plate surround; only cut out the area where the number plate lights where.

    Four: You will have to cut the back of the middle light quite a bit for it to fit in the number plate surround, Some areas of the numberplate surround can be cut down to make it fit snug.

    Five: You will have to drill a hole in though the light to make sure the led strips will fit straight though.

    Six: You will need to solder up connections to the 12v 40cm Strips, I used the factory number plate plugs for the running lights and then I used an aftermarket plug for the brake lights, You will be able to wire up the running lights with a short cable, while you will need a longer cable to wire it up to the brake light. (I wired up the middle light brake light to my spoiler brake light.)

    Seven: Once you splice the brake light and solder another plug into it and wire it all back up together the wiring should all be done. (Make sure you testing the wiring before fitting the LED’s into the light)

    Eight: After the light is fitting in the number plate surround you are ready and can then install the LED Strips I used industrial strength double sided tape to fit them in place inside of the middle light.

    Nine: After the LED’s are all fitted, you can then cut rubber insulation to fit the back of the middle light to cover any holes where light may escape, then use Adhesive Sikafix finally to seal it. You can also use silicone sealant at the front of the light to seal it to the number plate surround.

    Ten: Finally Fit it, and Test!

    Eleven: I probably have missed a lot of things but I’m sure you will figure it out, it’s all pretty straight forward.

    Thanks, I know there are other ways to do this. But for me this was the simplest and I'm very happy with the outcome!

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    Looks Good
    - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
    - All Circuits
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    - Completely in English.