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  • 1ggte gasket kit

    I was on amayama and found 04111-70041 to fit my gz20 tt be it also says on the page that its been substituted for another part number. so i click that link and takes me to another which then takes me to the final page with the part number 04111-70043 but in the area where it says what cars its for it doesnt show the gz20 on there like the first link had. So question is does anyone know if its the same gasket kit or if it had changed and can no longer be used for my car?

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    Some quick searching shows its suited for GA70, in that case will work for GZ20 as its the same engine.
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      Awesome thank you. I cant believe you found it so quickly i spent a few hours trying to find good info on if it really was a match lol.