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Cruise control?

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  • Cruise control?

    Hi all, I have a 1986 mz21 soarer and I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get the cruise control to operate, any help would be great

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    Press the A/D (Autodrive) button on the dash binnacle, that makes it live.

    Using the hand control switch:

    Down to start it
    Up to go faster (110kmh max)
    Down to slow down
    Pull back to kill, or use the brakes, or clutch if a manual

    Hope that helps
    EDC/D1 Spec Drift Z20 Soarer, 1JZ'd GT3076r Competing all over Europe


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      thanks for that mate, I'll have a crack at that later and let you know how it goes


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        It's a treat to use! One other tip, when using cruise control, you can accelerate above your set speed, then it will automatically bring it back down to your cruising level. Also, when you brake it will kill the cruise control, although if you press the lever up again, it will return you back to your original cruising speed (don't use in motorway traffic!)


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          I used it last night and its really good, quite awesome technology for 1986, thanks for everyones help