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7mgte specs?

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  • 7mgte specs?

    I was just wondering if there were any different 7mgtes, or if they were all the same. And were there any special z20s?

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    turbo a supras had a slightly more powerful 7MGTE at 200kw. They ran a map sensor instead of an airflow meter. All z20 7M's were the same 180kw motor. If you're interested in one mine is for sale. it's in the sale section in SA. let me know.


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      nah sorry mate already have one in the mz21, but thanks for that


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        what jimmy said.

        only special Z20 was the Aerocabin (Limited run of 500 ever made).

        only special A70 was the Turbo A (Also a limited run, of 500 also). Biggest differences on this were the MAP sensor, and the high-flowed CT26 turbo. Interior was all leather and got a MOMO Race steering wheel.

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          coolies thanks for that ham, the aerocabin is so awesome