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1ggte Head gasket replacement cost???

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  • 1ggte Head gasket replacement cost???

    Hey guys not sure if this is the right area to ask this but I'm just wondering if anyone here has had their head gasket replaced on a 1ggte if so what did it cost for labour and the gasket kit? This is my first 1ggte so not sure how much work it is I previously had 1js and never had this issue :/

    So just want to get a rough guide on cost so I know what others have paid so I can compare it to what I get quoted.

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    I think you can only get a full vrs kit, its about 500
    Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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      88Z20 was talking about some yesterday from the uk for around the 150 dollar mark.
      You will have to ask him for any further info tho...


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        OEM head gaskets are about 150-200 bucks.

        You'll need to spend a fair bit of time getting the head off though. It's very similar to a 1JZ.

        You need to remove the turbos (6 hour job), remove the intake side (2-3 hours), remove the timing belt, coil packs, spark plugs, cam covers, and cams (make sure u do it in the right bolt order and lay the pieces out in the correct order/position because they have to go back exactly the same way).

        Then once you remove the head bolts (I'm pretty sure they're 1/2 torx bits like the 1JZ/2JZ), you'll need to take the head to a head reconditioner. That will cost about 150 to dip, skim and clean up. Do not remove the buckets/valves. The head place can do it for u.

        You'll need new head bolts incidentally. You can go OEM which im not sure how much it is, but on a 1JZ it's about 30 per bolt, and u need 12! Check if ARP make a kit for the 1G first.. I think they do and it's about 200 (well that's how much the 1JZ ones are)

        EDIT: I forgot 1G's are dizzy fed, ignore the coil packs bit

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          You can get vrs sets for 1gfe from uk for around $120 plus postage. Head gasket is half the thickness so either use 2 or enjoy more responsiveness (just dont run rediculous boost)

          search ebay
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            Head studs are the same as 1j/2j so go arp


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              I removed the head with turbos and intake plenum still attached, then removed them when I had the head on the ground. It was so much easier.


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                MLS(multi-layer steel head gasket)

                i'm going to ask althogh it seems silly, how strong ?? compared with standard gaskets ?
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                  1ggte high performans copper high boost

                  Theres a person on ebay selling 1ggte high boost copper gaskets I just received mine and they fit perfect I cant wait to do the oring and get it installed. The guy has 100% feedback I will recommend him.


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                    Looking at about $2000 for a Head Gasket Replacement Including parts and labour, also best to find a workshop that has worked on Toyota 6 Cylinder turbos before.
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