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    sup ppl....can ne one help me with sum advice on upgrading the brakes.
    i got a jza70 brakes atm on the z20 and its not suitable for the power iam getting from the 2j, so iam looking to change and get a better brakes.
    what would be the best brake for a budget around 1000$
    would jza80 be good enough and will they fit easily?

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    Nightpager Conversion.

    Its a Nissan R32 Caliper on a Specially Made Spacer Bracket and uses JZA80 330mm Disc Rotors.

    Pair of 4 Pot R32 Calipers in good nick will set you back $400. New Pads for them, about $100, and lets say ballpark $300 for the Supra discs and $200 for the Nightpager Brackets.

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      Originally posted by hamgatan View Post
      Pair of 4 Pot R32 Calipers in good nick will set you back $400.
      Nah usually $200-250. But you might want to consider getting a rebuild kit for them which is around $100.