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Changing over dashpad

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  • Changing over dashpad

    Swapping over my cracked dashpad with a minter.
    How big of a job is this? How many hours will it take? Jyst need an idea before I get stuck into it. Thanks!
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    Ur first attempt probs a few hrs ..3??? After that n hr.
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      I'd say more then three if you're careful and do every screw and do a little clean up if you've got some after market shit under there.
      Originally posted by EnFlaMEd
      No exhaust. Cooler piping not connected. Mexicun fitmentl
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        Took me 2x 4 hour days swapping everything 1st time, including looms etc and getting it back together perfect
        It was in the sun and I couldn't stay in the car for too long
        Originally posted by coFF33
        Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
        Originally posted by GEEZ20
        quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

        Originally posted by Sports sedan


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          Few Hours maybe .... Last one I did was years ago not sure how long it took, it was a heater core swap thought aswell there's an old thread somewhere back from 2008 or 2009.

          Be careful not to brake the Climate Control Surround, if it's not coming off normally your doing something wrong, also careful of the Shifter Surround too.

          Always keep looking for bolts to take off some will be hard to see but you will see them so do not go Pulling like crazy when there is bolts still holding it on.

          Use a Folder with Transparent Plastic Sleeves, to put every screw in Sequence inside, and use a Permanent Marker to Write on the sleeves.
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