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  • Timing help!

    I started up my new motor for the first time a little while back and got it idling roughing, but I instantly knew the timing was out.
    The motor (apparently) wasn't touched from the time it was in the old car, till now. So the timing should be ok, cams dialed in etc.

    I'm assuming the timing problem would just be fixed with a tune (adjusting the ignition etc) but is there any thing I could do to improve the timing before I get it tuned?
    The engines been sitting for a long time so today I'm going to replace the spark plugs, check for vac leaks etc.

    I'm running:
    3rd Gen 1ggte
    bosch coils
    microtech ignition (dizzy converted to CAS)
    single turbo
    fabbed plenum etc

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    Bridge Te1 and E1 I think and set the static timing using a timing light and the distributor/CAS, providing this is able to be set within the factory settings (should be a sticker on the bonnet?) then the rest can be done with the tune.


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      Thanks heaps man, I'll look into it.


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        Set your timing lock on the hand controller then check with the timing light
        Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?


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          As in the microtech hand controller? I don't have one

          Also, what is a tune likely to cost me? I've never had one done.


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            $500 ish depending on the guy and how much of your tune is done. I would lend you mine if you were in bris
            Farewell the 1ggteu. Engine bay empty?