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All 1jz parts the same?

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  • All 1jz parts the same?

    Hey guys,

    My 1jz engine came from a jza70.
    Can i use engine parts from the jzz30 soarer etc (as long as it's not vvti).

    You can never find parts just for jza70, i figured all cars with 1jz had pretty much the same engine in the 80s?

    I bought a serpentibe/drive belt that said it was for a jzz30.
    I also want a new fuel filter, of course they are all for jzz30 etc.

    z20 Stylin'

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    engine parts are mostly the same, stuff like fuel lines will be differernt.

    i would think ma70 fuel filter would be the go. maybe look at the part numbers on toyo diy for z30 and gz20


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      Serpentine belt will be the same for JZA70, JZZ30 and JZX90, shorter if you have no air-con.

      Fuel filter is mounted above the diff and chassis specific, so you'll want one from JZA70, MA70, GA70, GZ20 or MZ20/21.


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        Most 1jz parts are the same but some are different for example Engine looms from JZA70 are different to JZZ30, Sumps are different from JZX90 to JZZ30, JZA70 Water pump is different to JZZ30 and JZX90. A/C Compressor manifold plates are different on each 1jz-gte, compressor the same though.

        Other than that the other stuff is the same.

        For Fuel filter, get a MA70 One and it will fit.
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          Thanks guys. Will get an ma70 fuel filter.
          z20 Stylin'