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    Sup all, im after so recommendations for my manual conversion, I need one for my 1jz build, should I use a MA70 W58 gearbox or a Jza70 R154, I know that the r154 would be better but there too hard to find D:

    Also if i purchase an MA70 will the stuff for the manual setup fit straight into the z20 like the shifter positioning, pedals, ect?

    Or should i wait till a Jza70 pops up?

    Most of all I want the easiest setup, where i dont have to be searching around for individual parts, so i can throw it all in over a weekend ect.

    Hope someone can help me out cheers.

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    go the r154 you will destroy the w58 in no time. You would need a bellhousing from a non turbo a80 supra if you went w58. could be other toyotas which have w series to j series bellhousing im not sure though.

    if the ma70 has a r154 most if it will fit except for the clutch and bell housing. this also could mean the clutch slave might be different but im not sure someone else might be able to confirm?

    jza70 half cut is the easiest way to convert a z20 to a manual 1j all you need to do is some wiring.
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