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  • Coolent Leaks HELP

    Ok, last few months having on and off coolent leaks. Leaks basically one after each other, now i have a leak from the back of my engine block to the heater tap, its not the hoes or anything, i replaced most of my hoses a month ago, its the engine block plug? i have no idea what it is or what it is called, i was hoping someone could give me a name for the thing below, can it be removed from my engine block and replaced? Hope someone can help, its completely rusted.

    What is that rusted bit called? anyone had the same issues with there 7m's

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    I try not to touch 7M's, BHG is a contagious disease... however...

    That looks to be a bolt fitting so get a big ass socket on there and crack the bitch off. Good luck finding another one without buying a whole 7M I imagine though. Unless its available new from Toyota.