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Seat belts not retracting?

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  • Seat belts not retracting?

    Both driver/passenger seat belts are not retracting completely.

    They seem to sag the exact same amount which is sorta weird.
    but they still retract normally until they stop short and still function properly.
    checked for twists in the belt and seems to be fine.

    Anybody else had this problem? how did you fix it?

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    sometimes i find at work that the hangar thats above your shoulder builds up a sticky layer of shit, if you can remove it and clean it that may help, or run the belt back and forward through it with soapy water
    or just spray the fark out of it with silicone spray


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      I bet it has something to do with the slope the car is on.
      When the safety catches get old, they start to engage when the car is on a uphill slope/while accelerating (from memory) so park it flat or on a downhill and try them out.


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        The soapy water did help like lachlan said. I ended up just getting another pair and putting them in.

        These ones retract fine but think the safety catches are worn out like you said.
        took me many many adjustments for them to work freely on flat ground!


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          mine are a cunt. the drivers engages on any slope or the slightest movement forward which sucks when trying to see around an intersection.


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            Or reversing, cant turn around.
            ust so you know its a roadworthy requirement that your seatbelts retract fully (for a machinery inspection on 4.5 ton trucks and up, im assuming its the same for cars)