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A/C fitted for 1JZ?

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  • A/C fitted for 1JZ?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know what will be the best option to hook up A/C for 1J's in terms of which condenser should I use? What would be better; getting a condenser from a 1ggte, jza70 1jz or any late model soarer 1j condenser will fit into the z20 engine bay?

    The same question regarding A/C hosing as well?


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    Use your original Condenser, JZA70 MA70, MZ20, GZ20 and GA70 condensers are all interchangable. No other model condenser will fit.

    For hoses you have 2 Options.

    1. JZA70 Hoses, will bolt right up if your Compressor is from JZA70 too. You need everything from the Firewall of the JZA70 forward as when using JZA70 hoses you delete the EPR Valve that the z20 has, because of this you must change the expansion valve to a Internally Equalizing type, as the EPR is now gone and externally equalizing types will not fit, therefore you need to use your JZA70 expansion valve. If the JZA70 Evaporator is a Parallel flow and your z20 has a serpentine flow, swap it over for the parallel flow as it will be more efficient.

    2. Use a JZZ30 Top Plate and put it on your compressor, then use the ends from the compressor side hoses from the jzz30 and re-use the evaporator side hose and condenser inlet hose from the gz20 and bring them to a a/c shop or hose place to make a hybrid hose for you.
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      Thanks heaps Z2TT. Yeah I think I'll go with option 1 and get the jza70 system. i'm going to look at a jza70 being parted so hopefully it'll have what I need.