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  • Stock fuel pump rating

    Howdy all. I have been running my singled 1jz at 8 psi for a week or so now with no problems. I am still on the stock pump, but it is rich in boost to the tune of 10-11.5:1. How much can I squeeze out of this pump, as my clutch is broken in now and I am ready to crank the boost. I do have an aeromotive stealth pump, but I hate to put it in if I don't need to because I'm lazy as. ( see how I threw in that sweet Aussie colloquialism?) Can the stock pump max out the stock 1jz injectors? If it can, I don't think I will put the pump in until I install my aristo injectors and get an afc.

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    Save yourself a world of pain and put the new pump im mate, one of my mates is on his 3rd bottom end because he's been lazy putting is walbro in.

    Long story short, chuck it in, crank boost happy times, swapping a fuel pump is easier than swapping an engine!


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      yea just do the pump man, its easy to drop the tank out and swap it over. drain the tank, undo the protective covers, undo the filler neck, undo the 2 bolts holding the metal straps up and lower her down on a jack then you can access the fuel pump cradle easy.
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        Awwwww, okay. I guess that's what I'm doing today then