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Fuel Consumption of z20 with 1GGTE and a340e.

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  • Fuel Consumption of z20 with 1GGTE and a340e.

    I am strongly considering a z20 auto and need to know from people who actually own this car, what is the fuel consumption on these .
    One website lists 10l/100km up to 12l/100km. So i was wondering what do you actually get ?
    I am a laid back driver who takes it very easy on the gas pedal 80% of the time, and hardly exceed 90km/h on most trips. My current 80s econobox which is basically a lightweight (980kg) Mitsubishi lancer fiore gets about 8L/100km.
    At a max tank capacity of 35L.

    What is the actual tank capacity for z20 soarer ?

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    I used to get about 13l/100km with A/C on, gentle driving. As soon as you begin getting on the gas even a little bit the consumption will go up due to it being a small 2.0L trying to push quite a heavy car through an Automatic box.
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