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  • 1g exhaust manifold...

    hey guys, is there any aftermarket exhaust manifold for the 1g? im planning on going single turbo for my 1g soarer... does the 7m manifold fit? sorry for such a noob question

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    6boost, is the only one i can think of in AUS.

    7MGTE no fit.

    HKS made some single turbo manifolds, good luck finding them.

    Custom manifold would be the best, cost a little more but it can be made to suit your wastegate, positioning etc...
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    1986 JZZ20


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      Also, not sure who made mine but its defintely a well made manifold, more so than a stock unit could be. (i know that MR1JZ had it at one time, i should ask him)

      It may be a nice manifold but twin snails on 2.0lt FTMFL!!!

      But yeah, if you go custom you might be needing a new dump/front pipe and what not...
      1986 JZZ20


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        yeah. theres that one on ebay up right now, its a hks turbo kit for the 1g but its definately out of my price range as of right now, coz im saving for the twin t28's thats going in my 1jz soarer


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          im learning to tig at the moment when i can im guna try copy my manifold so if your still looking then i might be able to help.