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Wheel fitment - Please read here first

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  • Wheel fitment - Please read here first

    Alrighty guys, I figured this seems to be one of the most common questions asked so its about time to make a sticky for it

    Factory wheel size on GZ20/MZ20 is generally 15x6.5 +45 offset.

    Some thoughts below on fitment, bearing in mind my personal preference is for serious low, flushness and some stretch (but not overly stretched) so please apply the following with a grain of salt and some decent sized kahunas

    Wheel fitment (Will XX"xX" wheel with XX offset fit?)

    It depends largely upon what size tyre you wish to run, how much camber you're happy to live with, and how low your car is going to be.

    All of these contribute to fitment as much as wheel width and offset.

    In your generic 17x8 and 17x9 combinations, my opinion is that (+/-5mm for personal preference):

    +15 = staunch
    +35 = happy fit on stock guards

    With appropriately sized tyres (not ballooned, not stupid stretch) and as close to neutral camber as you can get on lowered suspension (40-50mm lower than stock)

    Will other options work?

    For lower offset and/or wider wheels, fitment really depends on if you're looking to do guard work, if you want flush/stance or just something that fits and doesn't rub, what size tyres you're going to run.

    ie. 17x9 +35 at the front will be a problem if you plan to run more lock than factory.

    If you just want wheels that fit, get 8" +35 front and 9" +35 rear.

    If you want your car to look tough, same but +15 front and rear.

    But my tyre is so close to the guard, won't it rub?

    Regarding clearance, the suspension will naturally camber in as it goes under load so the wheel will go further into the guard. Stretch on the tyre will place the tread further inwards than the wheel lip and finally if your ride height is stock you probably won't even compress the suspension enough to bring the tyre into contact with the guard unless your shocks are really well blown or you have no swaybars.

    Can I create more clearance?

    There is a whole lot of space to be created with the stock guards, varying from 10-20mm with lipping to 30-50mm with pulling/flaring...

    I'm still not sure (or my situation differs to whats covered above)?

    Now if you still are unsure about how the wheels you want are going to fit/sit on your car, please ask in this thread with the following information:
    • Wheel width
    • Wheel offset
    • Tyre size
    • Vehicle ride height (lowered & how much)
    • Camber settings on front/rear

    Hopefully we can begin building a catalogue in this thread of wheel fitment examples, if you have one to post please include size (diameter & width), offset and full tyre sizing (as well as any spacers involved in the fitment).

    Roll the credits...

    Finally, I'd like to leave you with this thought...

    Think of offset like a chick's age, the lower the number, the hotter it is, but if you get below puberty (10-12) then you'll probably require some body work (ie - safeguarding your anus when you land in jail) to pull it off.

    Have a great one, and make it staunch

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    lol good write up


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      Good thread are a70's a lil different? cause 9.5 +12 wont scrape on the front
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        How do you work out the wheels offset if it aint marked on the wheel?


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          *Copied from MX6 Forum, posted by "Evert".

          DIY way to check offset. Best done when no tire on the rim.
          1. Measure the overall width of the rim. Divide it with 2. (let's call it X)
          2. Lay the rim down on its outer side, put something like a piece of 4by2, a straight rod or etc. across it. Measure the distance from that to rims' mounting surface (lets call that Y).
          3. Y - X = offset

          Finally convert your answer to millimeters.
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            This is 17x9 +28 on stock guards. 215/45's

            This is Deano's old ride, 17x9 +22 with rolled lips. I think also 215/45, but don't rely on that.

            Hope this helps.
            Grey '86 Z20, Full silver kit, Factory manual + few little things. Very slowly progressing


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              Originally posted by Hobbit View Post
              Good thread are a70's a lil different? cause 9.5 +12 wont scrape on the front
              Yup yup, A70's swallow up width and offset like a hungry hooker that has 50 kids to feed and a pimp to pay for her drug addiction.

              18x8.5+35 with 20mm bolt on spacer on the front and STILL didn't look flush/staunch. Shits mad!

              I say 18x10 & 18x12 +20 all round for A70


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                awesome write up loonie, have always been confused by offset. this helps alot!
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                  Dont say that unless you mean it looonie, cause i'll do it Fuck that sucks, my fronts are 8.5 +40 or 38... Stupid mk4 rims haha look sweet tho
                  500rwhp 86 JZA70 aerotop, in the build!
                  300zx crappy nissan daily
                  R6 to keep up with the monkeys jz..


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                    what size tire for 15x9.5?? i got some 2 pc rims that are 7inch atm and was thining about getting new lips 9.5 rears and 8-8.5 on the fronts. will need to do some guard work and offset...just what size tires would be best


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                        for some stretch?

                        the wheels i have are 15x7 with 41et

                        this is my options if i change lips

                        width offsets
                        8 - 28
                        8.5 - 22
                        9 - 15
                        9.5 - 9

                        thinking maybe 9 all round or 8.5 front and 9 on the rears?
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                          im going to assume none of those offsets a negative so 15 by 9 +15 on the rear and 8.5 +22 front

                          this is handy too

                          maybe hunt through here you might find some good sizes


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                            yeah i got the calculator saved on my bar cos i use that all the time...if i put some mad camber will be able to get away with just roll the lip...wouldnt mind getting heaps of dish and some bolt on flares but not sure if i want to waste to much money on the car...

                            i found that tire stretch site last nite but wasnt working isnt now woo hoo


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                              i found a pic of my rims in the 8.5s

                              just hoping that 15s wont look to small...should i be looking for some 17s instead?