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Wheel fitment - Please read here first

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    17x9J+15 front and rear front has 215/45/17 feddy 595's(which don't stretch well at all) Rear is 215/45/17 bald ass pasta tires. fenders are not rolled at all, only thing I did was remove the screws that hold in the liner at the lip of the fender. I can not stick my fingers in between the wheels and fenders, buisness card fitment all day. Cusco zero2's with the stock spring rates, soon to be swapped out for 20kg/12kg respectivly. This fitment is not for the faint of heart, everyone hates riding in my car because I go 30kmh everywhere and the tires rub on every bump, the sidewalls are shaved down with a deep cut. but I love it because its G as fuck and I don't care haha. I was gonna attempt to lower the front more with more negative camber and a 10mm spacer to get more aggressive in the front but I've just decided instead to get more rediculous wheels 17x9.5j+12 and 18x10j+18. o I forgot, the car had a perfect factory alingment, I installed slammed coilovers and wheels and that's how it sits so I have no idea what the camber is.
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