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2 piece wheels leaking

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  • 2 piece wheels leaking

    Hey guys,

    has anyone ever had to re-seal and fix their leaking 2 or 3 piece wheels?
    My front weds wheels have a slow leak, one is only 2-4psi over a couple of weeks, one is getting bad and led to a flat tyre yesterday. Any ideas where to get them fixed in Adelaide, any ideas on cost? Cheers.

    *apparently you can reseal them yourself by taking them apart and using silicone or something, ideas on this also?*

    Thanks peeps.
    z20 Stylin'

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    yea use sikaflex, i have some stitches apart at the moment and was just guna run a bead of sikka to seal it.

    maybe try just get the tyre off and clean the jain up and reseal it before you go taking the wheels apart.


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      I just used straight up silicone when re-sealing my three piece wheels. Thin smear all the way around the mating faces, do them up finger tight and leave for a few hours then torque up, then run a nice thick bead right around the seam and smear it in to ensure good coverage with your finger.

      You sure its the wheels leaking not the tyres? Dirt in the bead or something...


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        Rebead tyres. Then I'd go about resealing rims.
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          The guys at bob jane said it's the wheel not the tyres.
          I'll get the sikaflex out and give it a go, thanks guys!
          z20 Stylin'